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Computers for Kids

Hands Anonymous Project & Techs With Heart are committed to making access to information technology available to all.  We accept donated computers and refurbish them to be given to women, children, and veterans in need.

We are giving free computers to children in need.  We are committed to giving a hundred (100) computers every year to children in domestic violence situation in Texas.


We work with women’s centers to identify these children in need. Our goal is double the number of computers we give every year and to benefit more people in need.

Computers Lab

Big thing for Techs with Heart in Austin, TX. We are working  on a project with Hands Anonymous Project to help families of children with autism. We have plenty of volunteers opportunities for technicians, teachers and fund raisers. Our mission is to empower families of children with autism by giving them access to information technology.

Elaine A Carr

Immigration Attorney


Co-Founder of Techs With Hearth

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